I Am (Not) A Scam

Conscientiousness may be viewed as a scam. It was sexually-selected for over the course of human evolution in agriculturalist societies.

Now, perhaps I helplessly feel a need to suffer and work. Or perhaps I feel a need to indulge in the fantasy of everlasting escape from suffering and work.

In a multiverse were affecting “many people” doesn’t make sense, and where people are not discrete ontological units (because I can merge brains, for one thing) why should I do difficult things?

The argument for radical self-drive oriented towards Good as opposed to either immediate gratification or just working is the following:

I am currently a signaling machine. I will not function in accord with my best self-preservation interests if I do not impress people. However, I do not compete at the World Cup or at being the most well-known celebrity because this is an arbitrary notion of what people mean. Therefore, I do what is most impressive to I. I choose what I am and therefore what people means.

When I discover the thing that is most impressive and that I can perform with my own body, that is what I do.

In that regard, I use as many safety nets as necessary. Take advantage of resources, for these are scarce boons in reality. For instance, I don’t feel shame living with parents if they allow me, if I predict this catapults to behavior that is more impressive. I don’t feel shame saying, “No” to those who deviate from the path of what is most impressive to me. The edifices of Neural Networks and Human Knowledge aren’t developed by those scratching by; neither by those who are sundered of their own will.

The danger is taking comfort in privilege such that I forget that suffering is real, that death is real, that privilege is temporary. When I forget this, I develop edifices of String Theory and Postmodern Literary Criticism – misaligned work. I have to do what is best for I, and that is a balance between the necessary evil that arises in self that doesn’t realize the truth of Open Individualism and the privileged flashes of good self that realizes that he must be separate in order to sustain Being.

3 thoughts on “I Am (Not) A Scam

  1. I recently came across Stephen Wolfram’s blog and his book “A new Kind of Science”. On the basis the entire universe evolved form a few simple rules out of which much complexity emerged it is hard to take the world entirely seriously. I found Wolfram’s theory oddly comforting.


    • That assumes there is a universal time outside of the relativistic block. Such a metronome contradicts relativity of simultaneity.

      Taking the world seriously is a symptom of signaling conscientiousness. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take the world seriously, since, after all, we define who “the world” is.


  2. I don’t think Wolfram posits a metronome at all does he? Simply an ever unfolding network of nodes which itself constitutes space and time. According to him such networks actually give him Einstein’s formulae.


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