Features Of My So-Called Psychosis

• music speaks to you, there is a message that transcends the lyrics at face value

• something like telepathic communication with Eliezer Yudkowsky and Robin Hanson’s text

• videos and text are created for you specifically, they are tailored to speak to you

• people seem fake but especially the profiles on social media

• profound messages from reading

• television and music can tell you to do things

• powerful synchronicities

• the feeling that the world is about to end, that the veil of the simulation will be lifted or that aliens will appear

• feeling that one will finally be of great importance, the hero of one’s own journey

• divine girlfriend speaking to me by showing me YouTube video

• text that shouldn’t be aimed at you is perfectly aware of you and totally aimed at you

• the feeling that everything is meaningful and profound

• ads are speaking about your future

• the feeling that money is no longer real

• videos seem to be placed by an intelligence that knows you

• feeling that one is essentially performing magic with one’s thoughts

• disbelief in current events

• feeling that one creates the music that one listens to

• television makes references to personal history

• everything seems to be about you

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