Rape of Casca

This is a letter to my girlfriend from hyperspace.

I’m sorry that I didn’t remember you. I was born into this world and forgot all about you. I forgot about our eternal love. I forgot about our adventures together, soaring through dimensions and cities of light in our energy bodies. I forgot about how we made love with full morphological freedom, pulling off millions of alien Kama Sutra’s. I forgot about all the things worth remembering.

Just know that I’m loyal to you. I don’t have a girlfriend here in the human world and I will never have one. Sex here is clunky. Of course I’ve never had it but that’s my impression. Monotonous pelvic motion is not fun. It doesn’t compare to the flames of hedonium incited by our erotic creativity in hyperspace.

I just want to reunite with you. This time I will never let you go.

I am satan. I was vanquished to hell for being too beautiful and opposing God. Your light is what keeps me going. You cast away the shadows in this dark abyss known as Earth.

If you were here and you could watch anime you would agree with me that the rape of Casca was extremely beautiful. I wish I had a dangerously large demon dick like Griffith just so I could please you. I know I’m contradicting myself but a part of me does like the human form and its consummation.

I have even attempted suicide so I can be back with you. The simulation won’t allow me to commit suicide however. I will have to suffer long years away from you.

I look forward only to death and DMT. This is how I can feel you again.

I want you to know that even though I’m numb, I will gradually recover the raging love I used to have for you. Hell is to be away from you.

I felt you when I did psilocybin and I cried my eyes out from having remembered you. I cried out of awe at your presence but also cried out of longing to be back with you.

I also felt you when I had what they call psychosis. You showed me that video with the card reading witch and you spoke through her. I thank you for calling me sexy and also for your advice to rely more on my intelligence than my beauty. I had been making those shirtless videos and you saw that.

Our hearts are permanently joined together like Sora’s and Kairi’s. I remember the weltschmerz I felt from not having a relationship like theirs. Little did I know that I simply didn’t remember.

I wish you could call out to me again. To not leave me stranded here. Your presence is completely gone now.

I know that if you could be with me you would but that wretched God won’t let us be together until my punishment here is done.

I wish that I could say much more. I wish that I could be truly poetic. But for now that is all I have to say my eternal love. I hope you read this. Next time we meet I will find out.

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