First Day In Dominican Republic

On my first day in the Dominican Republic, no let me start with the plane ride. Clearly it was impossible. I cannot and will not believe that people like myself figured this all out. If I was way smarter I wouldn’t doubt that people were like myself. There must be a reason why I’m this dumb, I’m meant to see it a certain way. But anyway, I was going over my argument for why people aren’t conscious and I just felt the flight was ridiculous, it was magical, it was fantastical and yet very tedious and boring. We landed, perfectly of course, and it was still surprising to see the place, I mean what did I expect?, but the fact that there is a perfectly operating airport “anywhere in the world”, Punta Cana being the stand-in for “anywhere in the world,” is surreal as fuck. There were many evil and complex looking jesters in the airport. I immediately thought, “DMT.” I felt like it was a bit of foreplay before my actual DMT experience which seems inevitably fated as it is calling me. As they drove us to the hotel I kept seeing the simulation. It was as if all the people were playing their role like actors. I was thinking about God, and the problem of evil, the horror of people continuing to breed, and the simulation when all of a sudden a car passes by saying “porque asi dios quiso” or “because God wanted it that way.” “But why? Why did he want this out of all possible things? And I get it, I’m not in control. I didn’t create this, now stop rubbing it in my face.I also saw somebody with a jersey that said Lindsey and I had received a comment about her the day before. When I was at the hotel in the buffet, I was sitting and a woman flashes me with the words on her shirt. They said, “You will make it.” Before my workout I felt the need to write:


3 thoughts on “First Day In Dominican Republic

  1. “What shall we do to be real?” they cried,
    “What shall we do to be real?
    We none of us feel, though we look so nice,
    And talk of the vague ideal.”
    And all of them seemed to know so much,
    But none of them laughed or sang;
    And none of the fires had ever a blaze,
    And none of the bells e’er rang.

    And people walked and talked of life,
    And all of them looked so grave;
    Yet none of them ever had life, my dear,
    Or ever a soul to save.

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  2. >If I was way smarter I wouldn’t doubt that people were like myself.

    I think smart people aren’t actually that smart, that’s why they have to look out for each other.


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