DMT, Lucid Dreaming Tea, Nootropics

DMT Ingredients

Mimosa hostilis root bark 250g + Lye (granulated sodium hydroxide) 16 oz + Vinegar 64 oz + Naptha VM&P quart + Detailed Extraction Instructions


DMT Equipment

Personal safety: fume mask, safety goggles and rubber gloves; Blender; Glass mixing jar; Collection jars with lids x4; Coffee filters; Rubber spatula; Freezer; Pipette; Eyedropper


Lucid Dreaming Tea

Guayusa With A Mild Blend of Lavender Flowers, Turmeric and Bioperine Many people experience vivid dreams and a clear awareness of them when awake.


(Coffee + Nootropics) Cubes

Box of 20 packs each with 4 cubes