Literary Works

Don’t Let Ada Learn Quantum Mechanics! Part 2

Don’t Let Ada Learn Quantum Mechanics!

Island Children Dreaming of Spacetime Curvature

The Happiness Battles: Aristotle vs. Nietzsche vs. Buddha vs. Mencius vs. a Rabbi


Let’s End This World

Somber Physicist Does Drugs

A Day in the Life of Cyborg Children

Suicide Gene Therapy

A Tour Through the Transhumanist Academy

A Story About Integrated Information Theory

If Harry Potter had been Cyberpunk

History of the Universe Told Like a Myth

The Multiverse’s Nest

Fragmented Dream (We’ll Be One)


Dive to the Heart

MatheMagical Fight

The Tyranny of School and our Accursed Deceit

Cyberpunk Dhamma Episode 2

If Depressed Victorians had been Buddhists

Pretending I was Triggered by Cinderella to get an A+

Cyberpunk Dhamma

Conscience, I Say, Not Thy Own


Having Befriended the Cage