Science and Philosophy

Epic of Gilgamesh/The Ultimate Regret Minimization Framework

Prophet Orientation

Decision Theory

Useful And True Visuals

Dissolving Confusion About Quantum Immortality

Hidden Motives In The Eternal Block

Special Relativity Implies Eternal Existence

Why Negative Valence Can’t Outnumber Positive Valence

The Human Is Signaling Machine: Citizen Kane/Naruto, Buddha/Jesus

Rules For Purchasing Survival In The Multiverse

Natural Selection Doesn’t Work When Considering QI Experiences vs. Arbitrary Experiences

Opening The Door To Quantum Mechanics

Materialism Is Not Dry, It Is More Thrilling Than Fantasy

Many Worlds

Towards The Propagation of the Savior Imperative

A Temple Where People Actually Believe Physics

Savior Imperative (3/3)

Savior Imperative (2/3)

Savior Imperative (1/3)

Physicalism Implies Experience Never Dies: Answering Objections

So How Does DNA Replication Work?

Meditation Self Experimentation (Noticing’s per Minute for the Different Sense-Bases)

Physicalism Implies Experience Never Dies

Consciousness is Forever

A Physics That Sees Beyond Naive Realism

Do Glasses Ruin Your Eyesight?

The Origin of Qualia

The Many Possible Ways to Resurrect

Random Allocation in Experiment


Short Defense of the Physicalism Underlying Savior Imperative

Monstrous Moonshine About Consciousness

Short Clarification of Special Relativity’s Observer

SEELE Manifesto

Deconstructing Paradise’s Qualia-Units

[Memes -> Genes, Media -> Drugs] Yields Dystopia

Balancing Knowledge and Creativity, or How to Not Be an African Hebrew

Parabiosis, Drugs Targeting Genes, Susskind, Feynman, and MUH

A Presentist Arguing Against My B-Theory Interpretation of Time

Staring at the Sun

dr. pinker’s boring humanism vs. Artificial General Intelligence With Utility Function HACKED For Positive Qualia Valence-Optimization


This Could Save Your Life

My All-or-Nothing Mind


On Qualia

A Science of Qualia to Replace Conscience and Intuition

On Reaching Utopia

Eternal Block Time

Applying Lessons From AI To Our Behavior

The Fabric of Spacetime vs. Utilitarianism

Consensus Reality Is Dead

Seedless Plants

Fermi Paradox from an Electron’s Point of View

Machine Learning for Morality by Using Integrated Information Theory

The Tragedy of Resonance Forms

Brain Configurations Part II

Equation for Flow of Consciousness

Sunyata, Materialism, and Mathematics

The Final Refuge

Religions of the World in a Few Words

Abiogenesis Fun Facts

Slitting the throat of Fairness

Turing Church Podcast

Learning to Reason with Ibn Battuta

A Thought on the Aging Plague

Explanations and Observations

At the Crux of Fist and Stardust

Multiverse, Purpose, Singularity, Consciousness, Mathematics

Morality: The Emerging Technology of Consciousness