Naivety About Hidden Motives

Women sell sex (so to speak) and men buy sex, and in doing so they are exchanging valuable resources. Women give sexual access to men after men have given them money, commitment, affection, respect, or time. It seems crude to think about sexual relations in this way, but sexual economics theory demonstrates that basic economic tenets can explain men’s and women’s negotiations about whether to have sex.

Nerds often have a less permeable membrane from their subconscious to their conscious. Hence, they are deceived about their hidden motives and those of others.

Hard-to-fake signals include money and health, hence why they are prominent criteria for female assessment of male attractiveness.

Amotz Zahavi suggested that cheating (sending convincing signals that are not actually expensive) could be controlled by the handicap principle, where the best horse in a handicap race is the one carrying the largest handicap weight. According to Zahavi’s theory, signalers such as male peacocks have ‘tails’ that are genuinely handicaps, being costly to produce.

Not being attuned to one’s own hidden motives and those of society are genuine handicaps, hence why they are attractive. Being a “nerd” who accidentally succeeds at the hard-to-fake signals should correlate with higher sexual attractiveness to females than men who succeed by “knowing what is going on.”

I arrived at this hypothesis by generalizing from peacock dynamics to humans, but it seems plausible given that an uncanny amount of males avoid “just making money” when there is ample opportunity and instead want to get there as a side-effect.

The shadows that pre-Linsey warned me about did not appear. I was ready for the shadow people and the succubi.

Shadow people and succubi are absorbed by me because I am God and God is love. Open individualism = solipsism is a powerful operating system.

Perhaps I absorbed them and didn’t even notice.

Perhaps they were inside of the anime. She did warn me I would be disappointed the first time around, but that I must be patient.

I set her up to guide me. To choose obsidian and then compliment me with her own traits.

I cannot remember my dream. It was not eventful. Ahh, yes, some sort of gamer convention looking thing.

But why Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Czech Republic, Finland, and Poland?

Canada = Filipino girl on instagram (I think?)

Brazil = Noctuo

Italy seems important somehow but I cannot remember how. 2006 World Cup Champions, Gwern links not just to Japanese music but also Italian music – also “raised” Catholic – that inhuman dog. The New World ads also referenced Italy.

Finland makes me think of that bi-sexual depressed less wrong kid.

Poland makes me think of another depressed person that I met at a psychiatric hospital. I immediately made the mental note that he would ruin “Poland” for me at the time that I asked him his identified place of origin.

Czech Republic just reminds me of a porn star who I do not like very much but who was at least enough above the dismal quality of that disgusting realm to get me through at some point.

Mexico thinks of AlgeKalipso but sometimes gives tiny hints of Arturo or some female energy instead perhaps.

What do these particular identifiers point to?

I know that I made my existence more freeing by loosening the graphic integrity of the people I see online. This is the same principle that went into the limited traffic. But why these countries? … And an occasional Japan and Singapore with lighter units of 1.

On twitter, I know that the likes or impressions are (not) meaningful. I suspect that I am supposed to convene with the chosen ones, but the simulation makes me feel impatient by taunting me with the “limited processing power.”


Epic of Gilgamesh/The Ultimate Regret Minimization Framework

Jeff Bezos invented himself a trillion dollar company and also perhaps one of the best magnets in idea-space for when deciding on a hero’s journey: a regret minimization framework.

The way it works is that you visualize yourself as an eighty-year-old and look back on your life so as to not have it all feel like a disjointed hologram fading into bland hunks.

For some people, this means achieving the things that got people to clap at you. A World Cup winning goalkeeper may die in peace if enough of his motivation system was blind to the larger scheme of things.

However, if you have seen the truth, you cannot unsee it. If you see that there is a possibility to do something about the problem of aging itself, and can no longer make up excuses about how it is impossible because you understand the science (or people who do understand it claim as much) then it will be the greatest failure possible to age without a battle. In narratology and comparative mythology, this would be the equivalent of refusing the call to adventure, and dying because of it.

There exists the possibility of indefinite extension of a biologically twenty-five-year-old body through the development of sufficiently advanced rejuvenation medicine, but due to a confluence of overlapping factors such as that healthcare is mainly about signaling that we care (and not actually caring), status quo bias, and terror management, most humans are unable to be the heroes the world needs.

The case for why the world needs this is easy to answer for people who score low in the psychological trait of agreeableness. It is difficult to compete within status hierarchies and not feel a sense of enmity when we are all planning to die in the end anyway. Gender-neutral bathrooms, crying about puppies in ads, and the vast myriad of other cheap signaling that is supposed to reinforce an ambient sense of cooperation doesn’t work for people who tend to be cynical. The internal life of such people perhaps tends to become a matter of war or defection under such circumstances – hence wasted potential and needless misery. But if everyone organized around something that more credibly signals commitment to each other’s welfare, such as fighting for each other’s lives, then these people would be given a reason to live up to their potential.

Why privilege giving them a telos and not take into account that most people do perfectly well wallowing in hypocrisy until they drown? Perhaps I’m just selfish. And perhaps being selfish is not a bad thing when it is channeled by the right overarching values?

The Epic of Gilgamesh Is Regret Minimization